Ukrainian athlete chose Sumaré to teach the sport of Calisthenics

The Ukrainian says that sport here in the country is something that can improve a lot and that it intends to become a reference for other people.

Vladyslav Artomov, was born on January 28, 1998, in Kharkov, where he lived most of his life. The athlete has three trainings, as a Primary teacher, a Physical Education teacher and also in International Relations.

Ukrainian athlete Vladyslav Artomov arrived in Brazil on March 25 of this year. The reason for your visit would be to see your beloved, here in Sumaré. But as soon as he arrived he participated in calisthenics competitions (SWUB) and decided to move to the city Mhtspace.

The format of the competition is battles, where two pairs are randomly chosen among all participants to face each other and show the strong elements and predominant combinations in them so that the judges can evaluate and choose the winner of the race.

“I won the first opponent. But, I lost to the second opponent by only 2 points, because I did not show dynamic elements. But, showing only elements in which only strength works, I showed a decent level in front of the champion of Brazil, for whom I lost. Many participants were surprised by my level and I met many people with the same opinion. biographyer

In Brazil, calisthenics is mostly developed only in dynamic elements, because these elements are tricks that beginners can learn very quickly, because tricks do not require much effort. This is due to the fact that the panel of judges requires competition participants to equally demonstrate power and dynamic elements.

“I was in 3rd place at Arnold South America where I showed only elements of strength and I think this is a good indicator against those participants who showed fewer elements of strength, like me, but showed dynamic and force elements.” Said Vladyslav Artomov.

The athlete says he is excited tv bucetas to settle here in the city and become a reference for people who wish to become calisthenics athletes.

“My competence is that I have a lot of training experience, knowledge, titles, titles in calisthenics and also a great competence is the possession of a doctorate in physical education and the basis for this is the creation of my own publication. This is a great job! Therefore, by applying all the above items, I can take this sport to a new level!” Completed Vladyslav Artomov sccbuzz.

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